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Aluminum alloy radiator extruded parts

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Anyone who understands the characteristics of aluminum knows that the chemical activity of aluminum in the alloy is very active, and it can react quickly with oxygen in the air to form a dense protective film of aluminum oxide.

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Customized aluminum alloy radiator profile extrusion

The thickness of the film is about 1μm, which is the same as the substrate. The bond is very strong, which makes the surface of the coating passivate and prevents the self-oxidation from continuing. Therefore, aluminum alloy itself is not afraid of oxygen, and there is no oxygen corrosion.

The aluminum alloy has a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, so it is difficult for the anti-corrosion coating to adhere. Even if it is applied, the anti-corrosion coating block on the inner surface of the aluminum alloy is easy to fall off under the washing of the water inside the radiator. Therefore, aluminum alloy radiators must not be used in central heating systems, but they are very suitable for self-heating systems.

Aluminum alloy radiator extruded parts4
Aluminum alloy radiator extruded parts5

Aluminum alloy radiator features: due to the excellent heat dissipation of aluminum alloy, the internal anti-corrosion principle of the radiator

The internal anti-corrosion treatment of the radiator is to coat the inner surface of the radiator with a layer of good adhesion (adhesion) and corrosion resistance The organic paint insulates the water from the steel or aluminum, thereby playing a role in corrosion protection.

Customized aluminum alloy radiator profile extrusion details

Material Aluminum alloy
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm
Surface treatment Common chemical treatments for aluminum alloys include chromization, painting, electroplating, anodizing, and electrophoresis. Among them, mechanical treatments include wire drawing, polishing, sandblasting, and polishing.
Main process ⑴Filling extrusion stage; ⑵Advection extrusion stage; ⑶Turbulent extrusion stage.
Quality control Strict quality control in the whole process of coordinate measuring machine from material to packaging.
Usage Aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, radiator, transportation, mechanical equipment processing, medical equipment and daily necessities.
Custom drawings Accepts automatic CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS and most other file formats.

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