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Customized carbon steel forged parts

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Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11%. Also called carbon steel. Generally, it also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. Generally, the higher the carbon content of carbon steel, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but the lower the plasticity. Carbon steel CNC forging is widely used, suitable for most mechanical parts.

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OEM carbon steel forging parts-precision carbon steel forging processing machinery parts

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Advantages of Shanghai Ouzhan carbon steel forged parts

- Castings have excellent dimensional accuracy
- Improve mechanical strength
- Can cast high-fluidity metal
- Flexible and anti-rust
- High metal utilization
- Excellent tensile strength, anti-rust
- Narrow forging temperature range; good thermal conductivity

Customized carbon steel forged mechanical parts

Material Carbon steel
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm
Surface treatment The surface treatment of carbon steel can be customized according to your requirements, such as electroplating process, gold coating process, engraving process, electrolysis
Main process Forging processing
Quality control Control From material to packaging, the whole process of coordinate measuring machine is strictly controlled.
Usage Application areas include aircraft forgings, diesel engines, Yongxinsheng Forgings, specializing in processing forgings in various fields, marine forgings, weapon forgings, petrochemicals, mining forgings, nuclear power forgings
Custom drawings Accepts automatic CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS and most other file formats

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