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Customized electroplated brass milling parts processing machinery parts

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Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc, and is an ideal material for manufacturing CNC machined parts (including CNC milled parts). Brass CNC milling is to place one or a piece of plate on the spindle below the spindle, and the spindle is equipped with cutting tools. Copper plating is divided into two methods: alkaline copper plating and acid copper plating. It is the most widely used pre-plating layer in the electroplating industry, including tin solder, lead-tin alloy, and zinc die-casting in nickel, gold, and silver plating. Copper was plated before to improve the adhesion of the plating.

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Advantages of Shanghai Ouzhan Brass Electroplating Milling Parts:

- Long lasting
- Anti-oxidation
- Robust wear resistance
- Improve coating adhesion
- Meticulous and smooth copper coating
- Protect the surface of the workpiece
- Increase beauty

Customized electroplated brass milling parts processing machinery parts5

Custom plating machinery brass milling parts processing accessories

Material Brass, red copper, red copper, cupronickel, etc.
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm
Surface treatment The surface treatment of brass can be customized according to your requirements, such as electroplating process, gold coating process, engraving process, electrolytic polishing
Main process CNC milling 
Quality control Strict quality control in the whole process of coordinate measuring machine from material to packaging
Usage Precious metal processing, precision customized cnc parts, brass cnc machinery parts
Custom drawings Accepts automatic CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS and most other file formats

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