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“Red punch” is actually a hot extrusion process. The stainless steel red punch forging die needs to use steel-bonded cemented carbide. The hardness of steel-bonded cemented carbide is lower than that of cemented carbide, and its impact toughness is better than that of cemented carbide. Moreover, steel-bonded cemented carbide can be machined first and then quenched.

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Steel-bonded cemented carbide not only has high strength, toughness, but also can be processed by various machining and thermal processing, and has the high hardness of cemented carbide (after quenching and tempering, it can reach (68~73) HRC, high wear resistance Therefore, it is very suitable for manufacturing various molds. However, because cemented carbide and steel-bonded cemented carbide are expensive and have poor toughness, it is appropriate to use inserts to appear in the mold to increase the service life of the mold and save Material and cost reduction. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel, many customers are habitually using stainless steel to make parts, and the advantages are obvious.

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Advantages of Ouzhan stainless steel red stamped forging parts

– Green and environmental protection, stainless steel can be 100% recycled, will not cause environmental pollution, and is conducive to sustainable development; stainless steel waste also has great economic value.
– Chemical properties: Chemical resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance are the best in steel, second only to titanium alloys.
– Physical properties: heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and even ultra-low temperature resistance.
– Mechanical properties: According to different types of stainless steel, the mechanical properties are different. Martensitic stainless steel has high strength and hardness, and is suitable for manufacturing corrosion-resistant parts that require high strength and high wear resistance, such as hydraulic turbine shafts and stainless steel. Knives, stainless steel bearings, etc., austenitic stainless steel has good plasticity, not high strength but the best corrosion resistance among stainless steels. It is suitable for occasions that require very corrosion resistance but low mechanical properties, such as chemical plants and fertilizer plants. The equipment materials of, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid manufacturers, etc., of course, can also be used in military industries such as submarines. Ferritic stainless steel has moderate mechanical properties and low strength, but it is resistant to oxidation and is suitable for various industrial furnace parts.
– Process performance: Austenitic stainless steel has the best process performance. Due to its good plasticity, it can be processed into various plates, tubes and other profiles, suitable for pressure processing. Martensitic stainless steel has poor process performance due to high hardness.
– The shape of red forging is basically not limited by the external shape of the product part itself.

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OEM customized stainless steel service-China Shanghai Forging parts stainless steel parts manufacturer

Ouzhan is a manufacturer integrating industry and trade, providing one-stop customized turning and milling machine processing services. According to customer requirements, it can process stainless steel with stable and reliable high-precision Forging parts. These machine parts are manufactured using the best quality raw materials, which are obtained from well-known precision parts suppliers on the market. Our strong and professional technical team and efficient management and operation system can ensure the perfect manufacturing of stainless steel Forging parts. In addition, the provided Forging parts stainless steel products strictly comply with quality standards and can be used in various industrial applications. And we can provide competitive stainless steel CNC Forging parts price services to our valued customers.

Application of stainless steel red stamped forging parts

For stainless steel parts that need mass production, red punch forging is used to mass produce, saving production cycle and cost.

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What are the uses of stainless steel Forging parts

304 stainless steel castings are widely used in construction hardware and daily hardware, but in severely corrosive industries or marine atmosphere, it is best to use 316 stainless steel.
For small parts with higher requirements, red punch forging can be used for mass production, which is suitable for mechanical equipment and daily necessities with smaller parts.

Advantages of stainless steel Forging parts service

- Ouzhan has a special quality inspection department, before shipping, to ensure that all products are within the error range.
- High production capacity and competitive price.
- All precision Forging parts stainless steel products are subject to strict quality inspection.
- OEM express service can ensure that you receive the desired products, support DDP, CIF, FOB and other transportation payment methods to ensure that customers can receive the goods safely.
- According to drawings or samples to manufacture precision stainless steel Forging parts.
- Ouzhan has more than a dozen processing machines, integrated services, standard production lines, and comes with material certification and product test reports.

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