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In the machining category,how to understand the chasracteristics,of various metals to achieve the effect you want.

There are many types of metals ,As long as you pay attenion to the surrounding materal,you will find metal “trac” everywhere.At prsent,there are more than 80 kinds of metals found in nature.In addition to iron,copper and aluminum are two of the more common types.


Physical properties of copper and aluminum.


Observe physical specimens of aluminum(AL) and copper(Cu),compare their color and state;score these two metals with each other,and compare thier hardness.

Both copper and aluminum have a special luster.Aluminum has a silver-white luster,and copper has a purple -red luster.


Both copper and aluminum have good alectrical and thermal conducitivity.For example,wires are made of copper or aluminum ,and pots are usually made of aluminum.


After mechanical processing,cooper and aluminum can be made into thin sheets or drawn into filaments to make products with different shapes and different uses.This physical property of metals is called ductility.The density,hardness,melting point and boiling point of copper and aluminum are different.

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