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Ten factors affecting the machining accuracy of precision parts

As we all know, the reason why the processing of precision parts is called precision machining is precisely because the processing procedures and process requirements are very high, and the accuracy requirements of the product are very high, and the processing accuracy of precision parts includes the accuracy of position. The size accuracy, shape accuracy, etc., the editor summarizes the following ten factors that affect the accuracy of precision parts processing:

(1) The spindle rotation runout of the machine tool can cause a certain error to the machining accuracy of the parts.
(2) The inaccuracy of the machine tool guide rail can also lead to errors in the shape of the precision parts processed by the workpiece.
(3) Transmission parts can also cause errors in workpiece processing, which is also the most important factor for surface errors of workpieces.
(4) Different types of tools and fixtures will also have varying degrees of impact on the accuracy of the workpiece.
(5) In the process of machining and cutting, due to the change of the position of the force point, the system will deform, which will cause differences, and can also cause different degrees of error in the accuracy of the workpiece.
(6) Different cutting forces will also affect the accuracy of the workpiece.
(7) Errors caused by thermal deformation of the process system. During mechanical processing, the process system will produce certain thermal deformation under the action of various heat sources.
(8) The deformation of the process system due to heat often causes the accuracy of the workpiece to be affected.
(9) The deformation of the machine tool due to heat will cause the workpiece to deform.
(10) The thermal deformation of the tool will have a great impact on the workpiece.
(11) The workpiece itself is deformed by heat, which is mainly caused by heat during the cutting process.

Post time: Sep-25-2020