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Production Capacity

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Raw material

CNC machining



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First test

Surface treatment

Second test


① Raw material: Selecting and purchasing raw materials and cutting them into shapes that we need to process, and providing raw material identification certificate.

② CNC machining: Programming according to customer's drawings,then testing repeatedly and making the samples.Mass production after customer's confirmation.

Raw material
CNC machinin

③ Grinding: Grinding and deburring the products after CNC machining.

④ Washing: Cleaning the semi-finished products to removing metal dust and grease on the surface.


⑤ First test: Measuring the size of the semi-finished product and seeing if there is any scratch on the surface, removing the defective products.

⑥ Surface treatment: Finishing the surface treatment according to customer's requirement.

First test
Surface treatmen

⑦ Second test: Retesting the size of finished products, observing whether the surface is smooth and flat, and removing defective products.

⑧ Packaging: Issuing test report and packaging according to customer's requirements.

Second test