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Sheet metal parts laser cutting

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Use a high-power density laser beam to irradiate the material to be cut, so that the material is quickly heated to vaporization temperature, and evaporates to form holes. As the beam moves on the material, the holes continuously form slits with a very narrow width (such as about 0.1 mm). Finish the cutting of the material.

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Sheet metal laser cutting process-custom precision sheet metal parts processing

Ouzhan provides you with the application range of sheet metal laser cutting machine: aerospace, shipbuilding, agricultural machinery, precision machinery, environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, furniture and household appliances, kitchenware, electronic appliances, lamps and lanterns, screens, metal crafts, aluminum Smallpox, aluminum curtain wall, electric cabinet, automobile industry, advertising industry, sheet metal processing and other industries. The laser cutting machine can process: carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, spring steel, alloy steel, manganese alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, pickling plate, copper and other materials.

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Advantages of Ouzhan sheet metal laser cutting parts

– Contactless processing
– Small deformation of narrow slits
– Extremely pure color
– Very high energy density
– Clean, safe and pollution-free

Ouzhan OEM customized sheet metal laser cutting service-China Shanghai sheet metal laser cutting parts manufacturer

Ouzhan is a manufacturer integrating industry and trade, providing one-stop customized turning and milling machine processing services. According to customer requirements, high-precision sheet metal laser cutting parts with stable and reliable quality can be processed. These machine parts are manufactured using the best quality raw materials, which are obtained from well-known precision parts suppliers on the market. Our strong and professional technical team and efficient management and operation system can ensure the perfect manufacturing of sheet metal laser cutting machine parts. In addition, the sheet metal laser cutting products provided strictly comply with quality standards and can be used in various industrial applications. And we can provide competitive price services for sheet metal laser cutting and laser cutting products to our valued customers.

Advantages of sheet metal laser cutting

⑴ Using a three-dimensional laser cutting system or configuring an industrial robot to cut spatial curves, develop various three-dimensional cutting software to speed up the process from drawing to cutting parts.
⑵ In order to improve production efficiency, research and develop various special cutting systems, material conveying systems, linear motor drive systems, etc., and the cutting speed of the cutting system has exceeded 100m/min.
⑶ In order to expand the application of engineering machinery, shipbuilding industry, etc., the thickness of cutting low carbon steel has exceeded 30mm, and special attention has been paid to the research on the process technology of cutting low carbon steel with nitrogen to improve the cutting quality of cutting thick plates. Therefore, expanding the industrial application field of CO2 laser cutting in China and solving some technical problems in new applications are still important topics for engineers and technicians.

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What are the applications of sheet metal laser cutting

–Metal cutting: Laser cutting can get cleaner, smoother and tighter cutting than mechanical processing. Like machining, it can also be programmed and guided by a computer, which means that the laser cutting machine can automatically manufacture a large number of metal parts for industries such as automobiles and computers.   

–Reflective metal: The reflected light will not damage the optical cable. Metals such as aluminum, silver, copper, and gold are all reflective and are essential in automotive and semiconductor production.    

–Medical Science: Laser cutting also plays an important role in the medical industry. In the medical industry, extremely high precision and strict dimensional tolerances are essential. Due to the medical industry's demand for high-volume production, this technology meets their needs because it can replicate designs, both accurately and quickly.    

Many types of medical devices have their origins in laser cutting, from cardiovascular and orthopedic devices to surgical implant components. With laser cutting, these devices can be manufactured at a faster speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Advantages of Ouzhan sheet metal laser cutting service

- Ouzhan has a special quality inspection department, before shipping, to ensure that all products are within the error range.
- High production capacity and competitive price.
- All precision sheet metal laser cutting is subject to strict quality inspection.
- OEM express service can ensure that you receive the desired products, support DDP, CIF, FOB and other payment methods to ensure that customers can receive the goods safely.
- According to drawings or samples for precise sheet metal laser cutting manufacturing.
- Ouzhan has more than a dozen processing machines, integrated services, standard production lines, and comes with material certification and product test reports.

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