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Sheet metal parts welding

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The general materials of sheet metal processing are: galvanized steel, stainless steel, tinplate, spring steel, copper and copper alloy, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, copper plate. Commonly used are electric welding and gas welding, as well as laser welding, brazing, thermal welding, electron beam welding, explosive welding, etc.

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Advantages of sheet metal welding parts

– Save metal materials and reduce structural weight;

– Simplify the processing and installation procedures and improve production efficiency;

– High structural strength and good joint sealing; provide greater flexibility for structural design;

– The welding process is easy to mechanize and automate.

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Ouzhan OEM customized sheet metal welding service-China Shanghai sheet metal welding parts manufacturer

Ouzhan is a manufacturer integrating industry and trade, providing one-stop customized turning and milling machine processing services. We can process high-precision sheet metal welding parts with stable and reliable quality according to customer requirements. These machine parts are manufactured using the best quality raw materials, which are obtained from well-known precision parts suppliers on the market. Our strong and professional technical team and efficient management and operation system can ensure the perfect manufacturing of sheet metal welding machine parts. In addition, the sheet metal welding products provided strictly comply with quality standards and can be used in various industrial applications. And we can provide competitive price services for sheet metal welding and welding products to our valued customers.

Application areas of sheet metal welding

The different welding methods are suitable for different materials:
Gas welding: low carbon steel, hard alloy copper, etc.
Electrode arc welding: heat-resistant steel, red copper, hard alloy, etc.

Submerged arc welding:
Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding: thin plate welding
Argon arc welding: titanium alloy, Al alloy, etc.
Plasma welding: air duct, capacitor box, etc.
Electroslag welding: large cast-welded thick-walled pressure vessels, etc.
Spot welding: overlap of sheet stamping parts and cross bars, etc.
Seam welding: thin steel parts
Projection welding: T-shaped welding, pipe crossing, etc.
Butt welding: rails, etc.
Friction welding: rotors, sleeves, etc.
Brazing: high-speed steel, engine parts, etc.

What are the uses of sheet metal welding parts

The main purpose of welding is to connect small metal materials into large ones (according to the drawings or the required size), or to make the required geometry through connection (welding). Welding, also known as welding or welding, is a manufacturing process and technology for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials such as plastics by heating, high temperature or high pressure.

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Advantages of Ouzhan sheet metal welding service

- Ouzhan has a special quality inspection department, before shipping, to ensure that all products are within the error range.
- High production capacity and competitive price.
- All precision sheet metal welding is subject to strict quality inspection.
- OEM express service can ensure that you receive the desired products, support DDP, CIF, FOB and other payment methods to ensure that customers can receive the goods safely.
- According to drawings or samples for precise sheet metal welding manufacturing.
- Ouzhan has more than a dozen processing machines, integrated services, standard production lines, and comes with material certification and product test reports.

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